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Do You Remember?

On this date 24 years ago, we lost an icon. There were So Many Tears shed for the one who said he’d Rather Be Ya Nigga. A Thug 4 Life, we pictured him rollin to that Thugz Mansion in the sky because we believe there’s a heaven for a G. He had California Love and we salute his Ambitionz Az A Ridah. Do ya’ll remember him as Lucky in Poetic Justice or Piccolo on A Different World? Do you think he and Jada were entangled then, lol? I Ain’t Mad At Chu for wanting that - he was 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted. He wasn’t perfect, but who are we to judge? He said, Only God Can Judge Me and that’s the truth. Did he really think we couldn’t see him when all eyez were on him, even me Starin’ Through My Rear?

Hit ‘Em Up still does it for me. Pac, it was definitely All Bout You. Holler If Ya’ Hear Me if you felt the pain of his Dear Mama and all the Changes they kept making to his music and not to mention the ridiculousness of him faking his own death! Why couldn’t they just let that man rest in peace? Imma need all of them to say a HailMary prayer and understand that even though what you didn’t do, he did Do For Love and Life Goes On. To all the Brendas with the babies, and the Lil’ Homies, Keep Ya Head Up! The question remains, How Do You Want It, to be remembered when it’s all said and done? There’s more to life than just To Live and Die in L.A. Pac did it his way, unapologetically and that’s why he is gone but not forgotten.

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