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What Makes You Proud to be a Black Woman?

March is Women’s History Month, but just like Black History Month, my belief is I’m making history every day as a Black woman. I read an article today on that highlights Black women pioneers and it made me think of the many reasons why I’m so proud to be a Black woman.

First, despite our struggles, I love the fact that being a Black woman is synonymous with resilience and strength. We will stand strong in the face of adversity and you know we gone find a way out of no way! We have the ability to adapt or adjust to any situation without tilting our crown - Amen!

Secondly, we can do it all on our own, by the grace of God, if we have to. We carry the weight of the world on our backs, while others sit around in amazement wondering how she did that. We’re able to find the strength of a man to make sure our children can eat, sleep, and be great.

Thirdly, our beauty is unmatched. Other women try their damndest to look like us with the fillers, implants, tanning, etc. We glow from head to toe, inside and out, and I’m sorry to say, this natural beauty can’t be duplicated.

Lastly, there’s no greater love than the love you get from a Black woman. We love err body, sometimes to a fault. We gone love your kids like our own because there’s nothing more powerful than a mother’s love. We love hard and will give everything we have to that Black man until there’s nothing left to give.

Many may think we are invincible because we may it look so easy. But, I know for me, it’s definitely the God in me. I stay prayed up because I am a Black woman. As nurturers, we are compassionate, generous, and supportive to list a few. We don’t expect much in return except respect!

To my Black sistas, I encourage and uplift you. Keep ya’ head up because I see you. Every single day is our Herstory so keep on keepin’ on!

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