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Get Out Much?

Stir-crazy: psychologically disturbed, especially as a result of being confined or imprisoned; also known as “cabin fever.”

Are you feeling restless or constantly napping? Is your mind telling you to eat everything in site because you need variety in your life? Have you had thoughts to start new projects, but after going hard with the research, just feel exhausted then convince yourself that it’s too much work? Or maybe you have a million ideas and can’t seem to narrow it down focus on one. If any of these sound familiar, then you’re just as sick as me, SMH! You are not alone, but you’re about to be since I’m on a mission to venture out of the bubble.

Even if it’s taking a ride along the coast or driving by the beach, your girl needs some fresh air. Yeah I can sit in my backyard basking in the sun, but the change in scenery is what I really need (back and forth once a week to the office doesn’t count). Who knows, I may even get out of the car without my mask…psych, it ain’t worth it. My son says it’s too much going on out there and he’s not comfortable – can you blame him? My daughter on the other hand, has picked up the spirit of shopping. She’s ready to go anytime to any place. And my husband, let’s just say his new hobby is extremely expensive, but at least he has somewhere to play. Oh, and I can’t forget about my other daughter in SoCal, acting like she’s immune to the “Rona,” out there in them streets. I gotta text GYMFABITMFH on the daily. I’m saying, you can get out, but not that much. We gotta be strategic and safe with this here; one thing and one day at a time. I’m open to ideas, lol!

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