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What Ya'll Doing For Thanksgiving?

The holidays are fast approaching and I’m at that age where I couldn’t care less about the money-grabbing, commercialized festivities. I mean, can we at least get through one holiday before they start lining the shelves with the next? Granted, Halloween was different this year, but even before month’s end, Christmas decorations were already adorning the aisles and movies airing 24 hours a day. Did they bother giving any attention to Thanksgiving?

I’ve read that during the Civil War, slaves plotted their escapes during the end of crop season, on or about the Thanksgiving Day because the slaveowners were distracted with festivities. Some, in the spirit of giving, provided passes for the slaves to meet up with those family members that were separated nearby. When an opportunity is presented, take it!

Family gatherings are a time-honored tradition and food is the one thing that has always brought our folks together; it’s how many households express their love. Now, according to, there are rules for Blacksgiving and the Black Legislative American Cookout Council (BLACC) has spoken. There have been some revisions to the rulebook, but the customs and traditions of black gatherings remain the same. Only a select few are allowed to make, bake, or cook the most coveted sides for the turkey and ham. I think we can all agree that the mac & cheese, dressing, and deserts are what we look forward to all year. Hell, even that vegan shit goes out the window for some good eatin’. The current rule states: any family member whose macaroni, dressing, and sweet potato pies have been approved at two or more family functions. My husband has mastered mac & cheese, but I did introduce him to a seafood rendition that may be worthy of gracing our dinner table this year; I also got the deserts on lock!

All joking aside, this is a time for reflection and expressions of gratitude. Life is short and it’s so important to love on each other while you can. I’m thankful to see another day, especially in the midst of a pandemic. I’m praying that my loved ones stay healthy and we’re able to keep in touch more frequently. The new normal is different but I’m learning to adapt. I’ve already scheduled the Zoom for Thanksgiving because we can’t all be together at the same time but we gotta check in on each other. We’re making the best of a strange situation, stay positive and this too shall pass!

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