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Did You Vote?

This is one Halloween that will never be forgotten. For Today, my son was able to vote in his first election. Although bittersweet because it took place during the pandemic and he didn’t get the authentic experience of waiting at the polls, his mail-in ballot was hand delivered to our nearest dropbox and we proudly wear our “I Voted” stickers!

As a family, leading up to this day, we watched the shit-show between Donald Trump and Joe Biden the first time around, then laughed at the comical fly on the head during the versus battle between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris. The last debate moderated by a Black woman was both historical and jaw-dropping…psyche. Was anyone really shocked when Trump proclaimed to be “the least racist person in the room” with Kristen Welker sitting right in front of him? I’ll wait. Honestly, we’ve come to expect nothing less! Shout out to Saturday Night Live for the spoofs. I personally thought they were the best part of the presidential race.

Together, we criticized Kanye for his decision to throw his hat in the ring for vice president; Ice Cube for being the same guy that vehemently protested white supremacy in his raps, yet willing to work with a president that refused to denounce it; 50 Cent for threatening to pack up and move should Biden win; and Lil Wayne for his endorsement. The audacity gives me half a mind to stop supporting all of them, but I’ll do better and simply pray for them for they know not what they do. More importantly, we spent time going over every ballot initiative to make sure we understood the impacts of all potentially new laws and listened to each other’s perspectives. My son went into this thinking that this would be boring, but turns out he really did enjoy the thought-provoking discussions about the pros and cons of each proposition.

I think the main thing we got out of this year’s election is the undeniable truth that we’ve got work to do, and it starts with electing the right people to serve our needs, then holding them accountable to do their jobs. Changes in our communities start at the local level so while choosing our president is important, it is equally important to know where local candidates stand on issues - they represent us! When asked what he thought about the voting experience, my son simply said, “It was cool.” That’s good enough for me.

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