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Where's Her Respect?

It took me some time to think about what I wanted to say or if I wanted to speak on the Breonna Taylor case because I wasn't shocked when the verdict was announced. I wasn't expecting wanton endangerment, but I knew it wouldn't be the justice she deserved; and I hope everyone knows that this is just one example of how Black women don't matter!

The Say Her Name campaign, Black Lives Matter and Me Too movements, founded by Black women, weren’t happenstance. They exist because enough hasn’t been done. My grandmother used to say, “I can talk ’til I’m blue in the face, and you still won’t listen.” I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of hearing a change is gonna come. We, especially women have to stand up for ourselves because it’s clear that there aren’t many who will stand for us. We give light to Ms. Taylor, because Black women are too quick to be forgotten.

Why are Black women and girls always an afterthought? Why aren't we just as worthy to have our stories covered in the news? Does anyone care that 60 percent of Black girls are sexually assaulted before turning 18? Where’s the protection for our daughters that are being abducted and forced into sex trafficking? Can we talk about the fact that Black women are still dying at alarming rates during childbirth? Or that Black women continue to be disproportionately affected by HIV? I can go on, but the point is while we’re marching in the right direction by protesting systemic racism and racial violence, let’s not forget that sexism is also a cross to bear for Black women.

I’m a Creative so I express myself in many ways and I saw it fitting to bless you this Sunday morning with a poem from the heart:

She’s been disregarded and disrespected

Forced to wear a smile while feeling dejected

She’s been broken down, maybe even beat down

Yet expected to walk around with a straightened crown

She appears brave and confident, when visible

Until She falls to her knees, eyes closed, seeking strength in the spiritual

She’s a woman, the rib or to most families the backbone

I didn’t know that meant walked on by one's own

Or shamed for finding a way out of no way

To single handedly raise the babies of today

Man! Where’s Her Respect?

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